January 2005 Phoenix Magazine - Phoenix’s Bloody Summer - The Summer of 1879
March 2005 Phoenix Magazine - From Riches to Rags - The Hattie Mosher Story
May 2005 Phoenix Magazine - Who Killed the Ghost of the San Carlos? The Ghost of the San Carlos Hotel
June 2005 Phoenix Magazine - Mob Hit on Monte Vista? The Greenbaum Murder Case - (Author Profiled in Contributors’ Section)
August 2005 Arizona Highways Magazine - Geronimo: Man of Mystical Power
August 2005 Phoenix Magazine - A Gentleman and A Scholar
August 2005 PHX Downtown Magazine - Ghosts of the Silver Screen
September 2005 Phoenix Magazine - Ira Hayes - The Reluctant Hero
November 2005 Phoenix Magazine - Wild & Wacky Governors
February 2006 Phoenix Magazine - Why Yuma?
April 2006 Phoenix Magazine - The Tovrea Murder

In the wings
Battle of K-H Butte - Arizona Highways Magazine

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