Most folks know that Geronimo was both a saint and a sinner. But did you know he was also a romantic? Or that he was a great businessman and his own best PR person? Or that he was once a Sunday School teacher and a judge? In Geronimo! Stories of an American Legend, Sharon Magee reveals many of the secrets of this larger-than-life legend.

In Section One, "The Family Man," find stories of his idyllic childhood as a young boy named Goyahkla at the headwaters of the Gila River; his one true love Alope and her death at the hands of the Mexicans, which fueled his immense hatred of the Mexican people; and of his many wives and children, including a woman who might have been a wife.

"The Warrior," Section Two, contains stories of his battles. The first battle he led was the raid into Mexico to avenge the killing of Alope and other Apaches in 1851. During this battle he received the name Geronimo. The last battle ended with his surrender to Gen. Nelson A. Miles in September 1886.

In "The Prisoner-of-War," Section Three, learn of the Apaches' traumatic journey into captivity, their struggle to cope with a climate and culture alien to their own, and Geronimo's ability to turn himself into a saleable commodity. Also included are stories of his heart-wrenching plea to President Roosevelt to return to Arizona, his struggle with the white man's religion, and the story of his death and burial in what he considered a foreign land - Oklahoma.

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Praise for Geronimo! Stories of an American Legend
"The volume is rich with little-known facts about this fierce warrior turned astute entrepreneur..."
   Forrest Martin, Publisher, "Phoenix Downtown Magazine"

"A highly readable account of (Geronimo's) life and offers good insight into who he was and what made him carry out his life as he did."
   Judge (Anonymous), National Federation of Press Women Communication Contest

In the pages of Arizona Goes to War: The Home Front and the Front Lines During World War II, ten Arizona authors allow you to relive a time when military installations sprang up all over Arizona as thousands of airmen arrived to train in the state's clear desert skies, and when soldiers destined for North Africa came to get their first taste of desert sands. Included in the book are some of World War II's most incredible stories, including Sharon Magee's accounts of American Indians who registered for the draft in record numbers, developed an unbreakable code, and showed their true warrior spirit while fighting to protect their homeland.

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Praise for Arizona Goes to War: The Home Front and the Front Lines During World War II

"While providing a solid general survey of the impact of the war on the Grand Canyon State, Arizona Goes to War also provides in-depth snapshots of various aspects of the period."

"...quite readable, mixing in-depth discussions of aspects of the war with personal stories of Arizonans..."

"In addition to being fascinating, the book is useful, offering a visitors' guide to World War II sites in the state."
   Arizona Republic - Sunday, June 8, 2003

"The authors tell the story of Arizona's transformation during the war years in rich detail and with a native eye for local color."
   Senator John McCain

"A 'popular history' written by authors with not only a knowledge of history but a flair for reaching a broad audience."
   Arizona Republic - January 7, 2001

"A fascinating new book. . .highly readable. . .rich detail underscore(s) the regional flavor of Arizona during that period of history."
   Tucson Citizen - June 6, 2003