Some fun, little-known facts about Arizona history:


Did you know that Geronimo...
...was not a chief, but a shaman and war leader
...had at least 9 wives, sometimes 3 at one time
...had many children, but only 2 survived to give him descendants
...lost his first wife - the love of his life - their 3 children and his mother
   to Mexican soldiers
...was captured only once, by John P. Clum a baby, was named Goyahkla, meaning “One Who Yawns” later life, regretted most the killing of children
...during captivity, wrote beautiful love letters to his wives and children
...was once chased by Wyatt Earp
...lived much of his life in Mexico buried at Fort Sill, Oklahoma
...rode a Ferris Wheel at the St. Louis Worlds Fair

Arizona’s Indians during World War II

Did you know that during World War II...
...99% of all eligible American Indians in the USA registered for service
...the design of the code used by the Navajo Code Talkers was the brain
   child of a white man who spoke fluent Navajo, but 29 Navajos, the
   original Code Talkers, came up with the actual code
...the Navajo Code Talkers had white body guards assigned to them
...rumors spread that the Japanese would invade the U.S. from Mexico,
   with help from the Indians
...American Indians across the USA purchased $50 million in War Bonds
...famed Indian artist, Carl Gorman, was one of the original 29 Navajo
   Code Talkers
...Ira Hayes, a Pima Indian, was one of the six soldiers who raised the
   flag on Mt. Suribachi after the battle of Iwo Jima
...on the battlefield the nickname for the Code Talkers was Arizona
...on threat of death, the Code Talkers could not reveal their role in the
   war until the code was declassified in 1968

Arizona’s “unique” governors

Did you know that one of Arizona’s “unique” governors...
...Anson Peacely Killen Safford, granted himself a divorce
...John Charles Fremont, served as governor of California and ran for
   the presidency before being appointed territorial governor of Arizona
...Frederick Augustus Tritle, was saddled with a legislature known as
   the Thieving Thirteenth
...Conrad Meyer Zulick, was under arrest in Mexico at the time of his
...Benjamin Joseph Franklin, was a direct descendent of the Benjamin
...Lewis Wolfley, withheld pay from certain judges to force them out
   of office
... Louis C. Hughes, turned down a personal invitation from Theodore
   Roosevelt to attend the christening of the USS Arizona, as
   champagne would be used during the ceremony
...John C. Phillips, refused pay raises for judges, for fear a competent
   one would beat him out of his job
...George W. P. Hunt, is buried in a pyramid