GERONIMO! STORIES OF AN AMERICAN LEGEND - non-fiction - Arizona Highways Books - November 2002
ARIZONA GOES TO WAR - non-fiction - Anthology - Chapter on American Indians - University of Arizona Press - May 2003



August 1995 The Selling of Geronimo  - (cover story)
March 1997 Old Nana
March 2000 The Many Wives of Geronimo
October 2001 The Legend of Spider Rock  - (cover story)
January 2002 Aboard the Scottsdale Limited
October 2002 The Last Chief
November 2002 Cruising with Dolly
July 2003 Geronimo’s Cattle
August 2005 Geronimo: Man of Mystical Power
Not Yet Scheduled: Battle at K-H Butte


January 2005 Phoenix’s Bloody Summer
March 2005 From Riches to Rags
May 2005 Who Killed the Ghost of the San Carlos?
June 2005 Mob Hit on Monte Vista?
August 2005 The Man Behind the Name
September 2005 The Reluctant Hero - Ira Hayes
November 2005 Wild and Wacky Governors
February 2006 Why Yuma?
April 2006 The Tovrea Murder


Summer 1998 The Boston Pops Wunderkind: Keith Lockhart (cover story)
Spring 1999 Momma Wolf (cover story)


Winter 1998 One if by Llama, Two if by Hummer
Winter 2000 The Other Side of the Red Rocks
Spring 2000 Historic Old Town Scottsdale
Fall 2000 Beauty on the Banks
Fall 2001 If These Walls Could Talk
Spring 2002 To the Limit
Fall 2002 O Little Town of Prescott
Fall 2002 Cave Creek's Hidden Treasures (cover story)
Summer 2003 Flagstaff Getaways


January 1996

Of Gods, Nudes, Cherubs & Saints
April 1996 Making New Waves:  Old Glory
June 1996 The Grand Dames of Yesteryear (cover story)
July 1996 Ghosts of the Old San Carlos
August 1996 Of Things that Were and Will Be
November 1996 History, Heritage & Hobby
December 1996 Faith & Fortitude
January 1997 A Lady With a Past...and Future
  Memories are Made of This (cover story)
February 1997 Hooked on Books
March 1997 A Long Way from Wall Street
May 1997 The Plotting of Pumpkinville
June 1997 When It was Hot
August 1997 Indian School
October 1997 The English Gent
November 1997 Downtown's Chinatown
December 1997 The Riches to Rags Story of Hattie Mosher
January 1998 A Legacy of Learning
February 1998 Behind Barbed Wire
March 1998 Ghosts of the Silver Screen
April 1998 You Can Get There From Here
June 1998 Frontier to the Future
July 1998 Goldwater's Downtown Day's
August 1998 Artistic Direction
September 1998 Men for all Seasons
October 1998 Winnie Ruth Judd: Framed
December 1998 Copper on Canvas
January 1999 Doing Business Where the Suns Don't Shine
February 1999 A Whiter Shade of Phoenix
March 1999 Art Aid
April 1999 Sitting Pretty
April 1999 Pretty Seating
April 1999 J.A. Jance: No Longer a Mystery
August 1999 Dream Catcher
September 1999 Growing in the Garden of Giverny
October 1999 A Downtown of Bricks and Beams
November 1999 Maestro on a Mission
December 1999 Christmas Downtown - 1925
February 2000 A Pioneering Spirit
April 2000 Downtown's Hidden Jewels
August 2000 Courting Public Favor
October 2000 A Clean Hit Downtown
August 2001 A Deadly Silence
March 2002 The Snyder House
December 2002 Archiving Arizona
February 2003 A Gallant Devotion to Duty
March 2003 The Luhrs of the West
April 2003 Romancing the Book
May 2003 May Museum Month
December 2003 A First Phoenix Christmas
February 2004 Judge Jean
May 2004 The Legendary Lawman
August 2004 When Light Rail Came to Town
August 2005 Ghosts of the Silver Screen (reprint)


September 1990 Linda Ronstadt-Tucson's Girl Singer (cover story)
November 1990 The World is Not What It Seems - book review
December 1990 The Coyote is Waiting - interview with Tony Hillerman and book review on Coyote Waits - part 1 (cover story)
January 1991 The Indian Wars - Controversy Over the Filming of The Dark Wind - interview with Tony Hillerman - part 2 (cover story)
February 1991 Remembering Buddy Holly - The Day the Music Died (cover story)
March 1991 Lessons from the Past Hold True Today - profile on Jean Auel and book review on Plains of Passage (cover story)
April 1991 Rico Saccani - From the Old Pueblo to the Big Apple
May 1991 Lives of the Rich and Well-fed...and Dead - profile on Lawrence Sanders and book review on The Seventh Commandment


Autumn 1990 I Really Didn't Think He'd Do It - Teen Suicide
Autumn 1990 Funk, New Orleans Style - Aaron Neville (cover story)


Typerider: Member Attends Conference in Paradise - Nov 2001



1991 The Fat Kid
1992 An Old Woman's Goodbye