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If you would like Sharon to speak to your group or present a workshop or training on any aspect of writing or Arizona history, please contact her.

The talks, workshops and trainings below are only a sampling of what Sharon is prepared to present. Don't see what you need? She will be happy to develop a topic specific to your needs. Just ask!

Workshops - Writing

Have a Guiltless Affair: Non-fiction Writing for Fiction Writers - Think because you’re a fiction writer you can’t make money writing non-fiction? Let Sharon show you how.

The How-to of Magazine Article Writing - Learn how to sell magazine articles from a writer who has sold hundreds.

Great Beginnings - Learn the different types of opening sentences and paragraphs that will sell your book or article, and why having a dynamite opening is all-important.

Everything I Know About Writing I Learned by Sitting on the Seat of My Pants, or Why I’m So Broad in the Beam: A Potpourri of Writing Tips - Tips and hints that will help you become a more efficient writer - Includes organization, time management, bookkeeping, and many other useful tips, plus the ONE TIP that will help you make more money more quickly.

How to Develop a Press Kit that Sells YOU and your BOOK - A step by step presentation on how to put together a press kit that sells.

The Business of Writing - What writers need to know about the business side of writing.

Workshops - Arizona History

Geronimo: Saint or Sinner - This most famous of Arizona’s Indians is either hated or loved. Listen to the inside scoop, and then you decide.

Arizona’s Wild and Wacky Governors - Learn about the governor who granted himself a divorce, the one who is buried in a pyramid, and the one who was in a Mexican jail when he was appointed governor, plus much more.

Arizona’s Indians at War - Learn how the Code Talkers developed their unbreakable code, how the Apache scouts worked for the U.S. Army tracking down Indians still on the war path, how the life of a Pima Indian was ruined because he obeyed an order, and much more.

Crime and Punishment in Arizona - Interesting stories of some of Arizona’s most famous, infamous and not so famous crimes, including the Tovrea Murder, the Greenbaum Murders, the only woman hanged in Arizona, Jack Swilling’s conviction, and much more.